Hi My Name is Jennifer Johnson. I am the photographer for the Bakersfield Train Robbers of the Pecos Baseball League. Since the 2017 season, I have been taking photos of the Train Robbers and the teams who visit Bakersfield to play them. Since that time I have accumulated a vast collection of photos for fans, families, and players to view, and purchase.


It has always been my goal to make sure to supply those who purchase photos the most quality product possible. Every photo/video and content on this website cannot be used, sold, copied or duplicated in any way without my permission. It is also important that I offer quality customer service. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact me via email and I will contact you as quickly as possible.


Thank you very much for visiting Pecosleaguepics.com an I hope you will enjoy your visit. Pecos League Pictures is the most extensive Pecos League photo and video website online. This website offers a unique and authentic view of the Pecos League that you will not find elsewhere. I try to create photos and videos on a perspective that gives the customer/visitor, an in depth look into the game that they may not see during it. Which is why you will see photos from the dugout, close up warm up shots,  and unique interviews with players on video. You will only find those kinds of things here. If they are to surface elsewhere, it is only because other websites/photographers strive by copying the hard work and effort that has been put forth towards Pecosleaguepics.com. I strive to keep this website and the works provided as authentic and unique as possible.


Please continue to visit and spread the word about this wonderful collection of Pecos League memories through the lens of not only a fan, but from a dedicated, talented, professional photographer.


Thanks again for your time and your purchase and I look forward to continuing to give everyone a quality product they can enjoy for a lifetime!!


Jennifer Johnson